Mounting a GoPro Camera on Your Drone

There are some things you need to keep in mind if you want to attach your GoPro Hero camera to a drone. Not all drones are well adapted to use the camera, and some are just not strong enough to carry all the extra weight that the camera, camera mount, and gimbal can add.

You need to select a drone that is strong enough to easily carry the equipment you need. If you need to be able to carry the camera, the gimbal and a mount, you need a fairly powerful drone such as the DJI Phantom or the Blade. The Parrot AR Drone struggles to carry a camera, but can do it if you make your own light weight mount.

It may also make you life easier if you select a quadcopter that has an included GoPro mount, this way you will not have to purchase this as an add on. There are versions on the DJI Phanom that has that, as well as the blade.

A gimbal is very important if you want to take video. This is something you can also get as an add on later. You will also want a drone that is safe to fly, like the Phantom which has return to base functions in case something goes bad, that way you will avoid crashing with your cherished GoPro camera.

Here you can get a more detailed review of the best drone for GoPro 2016.

Taking your time to research your choices before running out and getting that drone will pay off, so research your choices, and consider your exact needs first. Remember to always look through drone reviews.


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