Take Better Photos With Your Quadcopter

Credit: Jason Thien / flickr.com/photos/thienzieyung/16130057207/

Credit: Jason Thien – flickr.com/photos/thienzieyung/16130057207/

Taking photos with your quad, or videos, is pretty awesome and fun. But how to get them to the next level, and really make them stand out?

There are a couple of things you can do to improve your aerial photography skills.

– Getting the right camera

The quality of the pictures depend on the camera, no doubt. You will want a camera with a good resolution, such as the GoPro Hero3 or GoPro Hero4. This is a camera that you can use anywhere you go, not only when you fly. You just attach it to you motorcycle, your helmet or your pet, and you will get stunning videos! The GoPro Hero4 takes photos in 12 MP, which is very good. The Hero3+ in 10.

If you like the DJI phantom you can get the DJI Phantom with Integrated Camera, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. It is costly but you get really great photos, and the drone is very stable. Probably the best choice for the money right now.

– Do not fly in bad weather

Bad weather makes the camera movement more shaky. Drones such as the DJI Phantom have a gimbal that helps reduce the bumpiness, but the better weather you fly in the better photos you probably will take.

Most other quadcopters, such as the cheaper models of the Parrot, do not come with a gimbal, and then flying in the right weather is very important.

– Get high up in the air

When you fly higher up you will often get a better perspective. And you can take the kind of photos that really shows off all that you can do with aerial photography. Basically you will get more in your picture and that makes for a more interesting photo.


Do you have a first person view system? When you see exactly what you are taking a photo of, it will of course be much easier to get a great photo. The camera drone DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ has FPV, which is a great help when you are taking pictures, if you want to use a Phantom drone with you GoPro camera you will need to purchase and extra FPV system, as that is not included in the price. The Phantom series is probably the best camera drones available right now.

There you go, 4 tips to help you on your way to get better pictures! Not advanced stuff, but hey, this is drones for dummies :).


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